Red And White Wine Have Same Breast Cancer Risk, Study

A new US study found that both red and white wine have the same effect on breast cancer risk, that is they increase the risk by the same amount, which is contrary to studies on heart disease and prostate cancer that suggest red wine may have beneficial effects on disease risk compared to white wine. […]

Alcohol Consumption May Increase Pancreatic Cancer Risk

Consuming two or more drinks per day could increase a person’s risk of pancreatic cancer by about 22 percent, according to data published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research. “Our findings support multiple nutrition recommendations that men should limit intake to no more than two alcoholic […]

Alcohol Types And Socioeconomic Status Are Associated With Barrett’s Esophagus Risk

Additional study suggests drinking alcohol in early adulthood may increase reflux esophagitis risk Although the relationship between alcohol and esophageal squamous cell carcinoma is well established, studies investigating the association between alcohol intake and reflux esophagitis (RE), Barrett’s esophagus (BE) and esophageal adenocarcinoma (EAC) have reported inconsistent findings. Furthermore, little is known regarding the effect […]

Wine May Be Protective Against Esophageal Cancer

One glass a day may lower risk for Barrett’s, a precursor to disease, study finds Drinking a glass of wine a day may lower the risk of Barrett’s esophagus, a condition that precedes esophageal cancer. Barrett’s esophagus, which affects about 5 percent of the population, occurs when heartburn or acid reflux permanently damages the lining […]

Alcohol Consumption Might Increase Risk Of Breast, Other Cancers Among Women, Study Says

Consuming even moderate amounts of alcohol could increase a woman’s chance of developing breast cancer or other cancers by 13%, according to a British study scheduled to be published March 4 in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, the Los Angeles Times reports. Although the risk is not statistically large and previous research indicated […]

Drinking Raises Cancer Risk for Middle Age Women

Research involving more than a million middle-age women finds that even moderate drinking raises risks for breast, liver and other cancers. “Even relatively low levels of drinking — on the order of one alcoholic drink per day — increase a woman’s risk of developing cancer,” said lead researcher Naomi Allen, from the cancer epidemiology unit […]

Long-Term Drinking Reduced By Gene Therapy In Rodent Model

* Certain genetic factors may both increase and protect against the risk of developing alcoholism. * The aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH2*2) allele is considered protective against alcoholism. * Intravenous administration of an anti-Aldh2 antisense gene can curtail long-term drinking among rodents. Just as the risk of developing alcoholism is strongly influenced by genetic factors, mutations in […]

Alcoholics With Depression Less Likely To Stay Sober

It’s hard to stay on the wagon when you’re depressed, according to a new study of problem drinkers. Researchers from the Minneapolis VA Medical Center documented the quitting success of 462 people who tried to simultaneously give up alcohol and cigarettes. The study appears in the January edition of the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental […]

Miscarriage And Abortion Triple Chances Of Future Low Birthweight Babies

Women who have miscarried or had an abortion run three times the normal risk of having a subsequent low birthweight baby, suggests research in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. The more miscarriages or abortions a woman has, the greater are her chances of giving birth to a child that is underweight or premature […]

Four-Fold Increase In UK Soldiers Testing Positive For Cocaine

The British Army is losing the equivalent of one battalion a year as a result of illegal drug-use, more than the number of fatalities and serious casualties in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Research into Compulsory Drugs Testing (CDT) of UK service personnel has identified a rise in positive tests for illegal substances in the British […]