Women With Breast Cancer Benefit Emotionally From Yoga

Women undertaking a ten week program of 75 minute Restorative Yoga (RY) classes gained positive differences in aspects of mental health such as depression, positive emotions, and spirituality (feeling calm/peaceful) compared to the control group. The study, published in a special issue of Psycho-Oncology focusing on physical activity, shows the women had a 50% reduction […]

Dolphin ‘Therapy’ A Dangerous Fad, Emory Researchers Warn

People suffering from chronic mental or physical disabilities should not resort to a dolphin “healing” experience, warn two researchers from Emory University. Lori Marino, senior lecturer in the Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology Program, has teamed with Scott Lilienfeld, professor in the Department of Psychology, to launch an educational campaign countering claims made by purveyors of […]

African Red Tea Imports Announces Availability Of Organic Anti-Depressant And Immune Support Remedies From South Africa

African Red Tea Imports (ART) is pleased to announce the addition of two major new products to their outstanding line of Rooibos based organic and kosher products. Sutherlandia Frutescens, known in South Africa as Cancer Bush, and Sceletium Tortuosum, a plant with recorded usage dating back to the 1600s, are now available through the Los […]