What Patients, Families And Doctors Need To Know About ChemoBrain

While surviving cancer should be an occasion for rejoicing, many people who have undergone the standard or high-dose chemotherapy to defeat the disease unfortunately suffer from a physical and mental ailment known as “chemobrain.” This cognitively dysfunctional symptom ranges from fatigue and memory loss to serious learning impairment due to possible brain damage. In CHEMOBRAIN: […]

McClatchy Analysis Reveals State-to-State Variance In Mental Disability Payments To Veterans

Troops returning home from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan with mental illness are receiving different levels of disability payments from the Department of Veterans Affairs depending on where they live, according to a McClatchy news analysis, McClatchy/Miami Herald reports. There are 43,000 recent veterans receiving monthly mental disability payments, which are worth up to […]

Mental Health Care Needed Before, After Bariatric Surgery, Says The Harvard Mental Health Letter

Bariatric surgery is the most effective weight-loss option for people who are severely obese. However, the surgery involves substantial risks and requires a lifelong commitment to behavioral change. People eligible for the surgery often have a history of mental health problems or eating disorders. Therefore, patients must be prepared mentally as well as physically before […]

Philadelphia Conference Discusses Barriers, Stigma Around Mental Health In Black Community

The two-day Breaking the Silence conference in Philadelphia aimed to address an “often hidden and still taboo topic within the African-American community: mental illness and the dangers of not treating it,” the Philadelphia Inquirer reports. About 2,000 participants attended the conference, which ended Saturday and featured panel discussions on behavioral health moderated by prominent members […]

Mind Comments On Shocking True Picture Of Mixed-Sex Wards And Racial Discrimination In NHS, UK

Shocking true picture of mixed-sex wards: 68 per cent of mental health inpatients on these Racial discrimination shows no improvement Today’s patient research reveals the true state of mixed-sex wards: a disturbing 68 per cent of mental health patients were accommodated on these wards this year. This confirms what patients have been telling Mind for […]

Massachusetts Health Insurance Connector Asks Insurers To Limit Premium Increases To 5% In 2008

The Massachusetts Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector on Tuesday voted to press insurers to hold premium increases to 5% in 2008 for unsubsidized health insurance plans sold in the state, the Boston Globe reports. According to the Globe, connector officials and health care analysts “agree that neither the state nor individuals will be able to afford […]

JAMA Commentary Discusses Effects Of Natural, Manmade Disasters On Mental Health Worldwide

“Natural and Manmade Disasters and Mental Health,” Journal of the American Medical Association: In the commentary, David Satcher, former U.S. surgeon general and commissioner of the Commission on Social Determinants of Health, and Sharon Friel and Ruth Bell, members of the Commission Secretariat, discuss the effects of natural and manmade disasters on mental health during […]

Mental Illnesses Reported By 17% Of New Orleans Residents After Hurricane Katrina, Study Finds

In the first month after Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans and surrounding areas in August 2005, 17% of the city’s residents reported serious mental illness, compared with 10% of people living in areas near the city and an estimated prevalence of 1% to 3% in the general population, according to a study published Tuesday in […]

Report Reveals Links Between States’ Mental Health Status And Treatment-Access

Mental Health America released its report, “Ranking America’s Mental Health: An Analysis of Depression Across the States,” a first-of-its-kind study examining state and national data for statistical associations between factors that govern access to mental health care and actual mental health outcomes, including suicide rates. Included in the study is a ranking of the 50 […]

Mind Comments On Boost To War Veterans Mental Health Care, UK

Leading mental health charity Mind comments on the Government’s plans to provide specialist mental health care to ex-military servicemen. Paul Farmer, Chief Executive of mental health charity Mind, said: “There’s no doubt that soldiers can suffer considerable trauma in conflict zones, and it goes without saying that for people experiencing trauma on a daily basis, […]