Run The UK’s Biggest Half Marathon For Breast Cancer Research In 2009

Budding runners across the UK are coming together for the 2009 Bupa Great North Run and Breast Cancer Campaign wants you on its team. If you missed out on a ballot place, don’t worry – Campaign has charity places available and we need you to join the race to beat breast cancer in Newcastle on […]

Healthy Living Could Cut Cancer Across The Globe, Landmark Report

A landmark report from cancer experts says that many cancers could be prevented throughout the globe if people adopted healthier diets, exercised more and controlled their weight. The overall figures show that about a third of the most common cancers in high-income countries and a quarter in lower-income countries could be prevented in this way; […]

Walkable Environments Encourage Kids’ Use Of Recreational Facilities are more likely to utilize recreational facilities when they can access them quickly and safely, according to a study in the December issue of Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise®, the official scientific journal of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). Mollie Greves Grow, M.D., MPH, and her research team reported results […]

When Arthritis Inflames The Big Toe… Which Athletes Are Vulnerable?

With the Fall sports season winding down and the indoor sport season now underway, the importance of understanding and preventing foot injuries is top of mind for thousands of athletes around the country. One injury that has perplexed many athletes and physicians alike is a form of degenerative arthritis known as hallux rigidus that can […]

Songbirds Offer Clues To Highly Practiced Motor Skills In Humans

The melodious sound of a songbird may appear effortless, but his elocutions are actually the result of rigorous training undergone in youth and maintained throughout adulthood. His tune has virtually “crystallized” by maturity. The same control is seen in the motor performance of top athletes and musicians. Yet, subtle variations in highly practiced skills persist […]

Stay Fit To Fight The Ageing Process

Are you prepared to go to the gym for one hour, three times a week, for 20 weeks all in the name of science? If so researchers at The University of Nottingham want to hear from you. As part of their on-going research into the ageing process, scientists in the School of Biomedical Sciences need […]

Better Health Through Core Fitness

Stretch-A-Minute(R) (SAM), a ground-breaking fitness product, has created a revolution in core fitness. Designed as a personalized work out coach, SAM’s audible timing system ensures that a comprehensive training regimen is completed successfully. “For years I had been assisting celebrities and general clients whose needs ranged from back ailments to weight loss to general conditioning,” […]

Fear Is Stronger Motivator To Get Fit Than Hope For Those Worrying About Their Bodies, Says Study, UK

Fear of looking unattractive can be a stronger motivation for keeping people going to the gym than the hope of looking good, a study says. Researchers at the University of Bath, UK, interviewed 281 male and female undergraduates and got half to imagine a physically unattractive version of themselves they feared they might turn into. […]

Active Parents Raise Active Children

Parents who are active during pregnancy and early in their child’s life tend to raise more active children, finds a study published on Some risk factors for adult diseases are associated with lower levels of physical activity in children. Associations have also been reported between early life factors (from birth to around five years) […]

Ulster Research Aims To Reduce Ankle Injuries

Researchers at the University of Ulster are investigating different methods of treating ankle sprains in a bid to improve healing, speed up recovery time and prevent long term problems occurring. The study, which will be carried out in partnership with the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast, will look at different methods of applying ice to the […]