Cell Microenvironments Hold Key To Future Stem Cell Therapies

Adult stem cells and their more committed kin, progenitor cells, are prized by medical researchers for their ability to produce different types of specialized cells. The potential of using these cells to repair or replace damaged tissue holds great promise for cancer therapies and regenerative medicine. However, the question that must first be answered is […]

ImmunoCellular Therapeutics Identifies Novel Peptides To Broaden Applicability Of Cancer Stem Cell Vaccine

ImmunoCellular Therapeutics, Ltd. (OTCBB: IMUC) (IMUC), a biotechnology company, today announced that the company has identified new peptide candidates that may significantly expand the potential target patient population for the company’s cancer stem cell vaccine product candidate, ICT-121. Many cancer therapies are limited by their ability to be used only in patients with certain human […]

Differentiation Blocked In Tumor Stem Cells

A new comparison of normal stem cells and cancer stem cells reveals that the cancer stem cells are abnormally trapped at an early stage of development. The research, published by Cell Press in the January issue of Cancer Cell, significantly advances the understanding of glioma pathophysiology and provides new directions for design of therapeutic strategies […]

Strong Support For Embryonic Stem Cell Research Declines, Overall Support Remains Stable, Poll Finds

Strong support for human embryonic stem cell research has declined nationwide from 27% in 2005 to 21% in 2007, but overall support has remained stable at about 54%, according to a survey released late last month by Virginia Commonwealth University, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports. The “2007 VCU Life Sciences Survey,” which has asked the same […]

Sickle-Cell Anemia In Mice Treated With Reprogrammed Adult Cells

Mice with a human sickle-cell anemia disease trait have been treated successfully in a process that begins by directly reprogramming their own cells to an embryonic-stem-cell-like state, without the use of eggs. This is the first proof-of-principle of therapeutic application in mice of directly reprogrammed “induced pluripotent stem” (IPS) cells, which recently have been derived […]

Human Embryonic Stem Cell – Derived Bone Tissue Closes Massive Skull Injury

There are mice in Baltimore whose skulls were made whole again by bone tissue grown from human embryonic stem cells (hESCs). Healing critical-size defects (defects that would not otherwise heal on their own) in intramembraneous bone, the flat bone type that forms the skull, is a vivid demonstration of new techniques devised by researchers at […]

New Investigator Research Grants Get New UK Researchers Off The Ground

The benefits of special grants designed to give talented new researchers a ‘leg-up’ on the career ladder are bearing fruit. A recently recruited scientist to The University of Nottingham has won a remarkable £870,000 of funding through two New Investigator Research schemes that help newly employed university researchers set up laboratories and establish their own […]

Shared Facilities, Resources And Programs To Further Stem Cell Research

Research institutions across Southern California have joined forces to advance stem cell research by establishing the Southern California Stem Cell Scientific Collaboration (SC3). Members of the collaboration include the University of Southern California, Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, City of Hope, University of California, Santa Barbara, California Institute of Technology and the House Ear Institute. “The […]

Fate Therapeutics Created By Leading Stem Cell Scientists To Pursue New Approaches To Stem Cell Therapies

A group of the nation’s most respected leaders in stem cell biology announced formation of Fate Therapeutics, a new biotechnology company developing drugs to control cell fate. Fate will harness the healing power of adult stem cells by using small molecule drugs to modulate cells in vivo (in the body) and by reprogramming mature adult […]

Stem Cells Train Heart Following Heart Attack

Following a heart attack, part of the heart tissue dies. It is still not possible to restore the scar tissue arising as a result of this. The majority of stem cell researchers attempt to make new heart muscle cells from stem cells. Liesbeth Winter of the Leiden University Medical Center, however, was able to prove […]